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Satellite Internet Providers

Find the Best Satellite Internet Provider for You
If you’re exploring satellite internet providers, you are familiar with the challenges of finding high-speed internet service in remote locations. With only dial-up or legacy copper DSL as options for rural internet, your best bet for reliable high-speed internet service is likely to be satellite internet.
While there are many wired internet service providers offering DSL, cable internet and fiber internet, there are two satellite internet providers serving most of the United States. The good news is that these top satellite internet providers—Viasat (formerly Exede) can provide satellite internet service to you at virtually any location. Call today to find satellite internet providers to deliver the high-speed internet you need.
What Is a Satellite Internet Provider?
A satellite internet provider transmits data to and from a satellite orbiting in space utilizing a small satellite dish installed at each subscriber’s home or business. During installation, satellite internet providers connect a modem and Wi-Fi router to complete the internet connection between your computers and devices and the satellite internet system. A satellite internet connection may be used for streaming, downloading and uploading files. In addition to providing internet to physical locations, satellite internet providers connect many vehicles, planes, trains and ships to the internet.
Compare Satellite Internet Providers and Satellite Internet Plans
Enter your ZIP Code, and we will detail satellite internet options for your area. Give us a call to pinpoint satellite internet service availability at your address.
As you shop for a satellite internet plan and compare plans, pricing and speeds offered by the satellite internet providers serving your address, be sure to analyze how you and others at your location will utilize the internet. Ask these questions to find the best satellite internet provider for you:

Whether you are comparing residential satellite internet providers or business satellite internet providers, it’s important to understand what you need from your ISP. As rural satellite internet providers, we know the challenges you face in getting high-speed internet.
What Are the Differences Between the Top Satellite Internet Providers?
Viasat has the best internet speeds with plans that deliver download speeds of 100 Mbps with a data allowance of 150 GB/month. Viasat also offers plans with slower download speeds and lower data allowances for significantly lower bills. The fastest Viasat internet packages are available in limited areas. Viasat is available in most locations in the U.S. Prices vary by location.
Viasat has consistent pricing and internet speeds of up to 25 Mbps to meet the needs of most U.S. households. As a satellite internet provider, Viasat is available at most addresses in the U.S., call for exact availability in your area.
What Do the Best Satellite Internet Providers Have in Common?
Viasat and Viasat offer their satellite internet customers two-year locks on price increases. Both satellite internet providers also offer bundling options to allow satellite internet customers to add DIRECTV and phone service to their internet plans.
The top satellite internet providers in the U.S., Viasat-Exede and Viasat Business, offer “unlimited data,” which means that once you reach your monthly data allowance, your internet speed is reduced until a new month begins. For an additional charge, internet throttles can be removed.
Make an Informed Decision: Read Satellite Internet Provider Reviews
As you compare local satellite internet providers, be sure to read satellite internet provider reviews and see what current and former customers have to say. After you see how customers rate satellite internet providers, you will learn which rural satellite internet provider is best able to meet your needs.