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Find Viasat locations and internet availability in 48 states

Viasat satellite internet is available almost anywhere in the United States, no matter how remote your location. Call the number on your screen or chat with a sales agent today to find out what Viasat internet plans are available at your home or business. All you need to get started is your street address and ZIP code.

Viasat utilizes satellite technology to deliver rural internet that meets or exceeds the download speeds provided by traditional DSL and cable internet providers. Best of all, high-speed internet service delivered via satellite is super reliable. There are no lines to be damaged by weather, construction or other mishaps that plague traditional providers. All you need to get Viasat high-speed internet is a spot with a clear view of the southern sky so that your satellite dish can receive and send signals to the satellite.

While the answer to “Can I get Viasat in my area?” is almost certain to be “Yes,” the Viasat internet plans available to you will be determined by the satellite beams serving your location. Viasat plans start with download speeds up to 12 Mbps and go up to 30 - 100 Mbps in some areas. All Viasat satellite internet plans offer unlimited data, although data may be prioritized when a data usage threshold is reached during the month. TX  UT  CA  CO   AZ  WA    IL

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Call in to verify which Viasat internet plans are available in your area.

Does My Location Determine What Viasat Plans I Can Get?

Yes, your location determines which Viasat satellite internet plans are available to you. The Viasat plans available to you are determined by which satellite beams serve your area. To check availability, call and talk with a Viasat rep who will use your street address and ZIP code to pinpoint which Viasat satellite beams serve your location. The rep will also let you know what plans are available at your address and explain the benefits of each plan.

Viasat-2 Platinum 100 plans with 100 Mbps download speeds and unlimited data are the most popular rural internet option, but Viasat-2 beams do not reach the entire United States. Some areas are served by other Viasat satellite beams and plans in those areas typically have top speeds of 50 or 30 Mbps.

Almost every address that needs a basic rural internet plan has the option of choosing a Viasat internet plan with 12 Mbps downloads. These economy internet plans will support email, web browsing, social media and limited video streaming.

Get Viasat and Get Professional Installation with a Local Technician

You don’t have to be a do-it-yourselfer to enjoy Viasat service, even if you live in the most remote area. A professional service technician will come out to install your satellite dish and hook up your modem with built-in Wi-Fi. If you have ordered Viasat Voice, this installation will also be completed, so that all you do is plug in your phone and start calling. While the technician is at your home, you can get help with connecting all your devices to Wi-Fi.

If you bundle with DIRECTV, you may have a second service technician visit to set up your TV service.

Yes, you can get Viasat in your area. You can also get Voice and DIRECTV. Even better, once you get Viasat, you will be able to add any smart home device you want to the Wi-Fi system. Get Viasat, and control your home’s temperature, security system, microwave and so much more with the touch of your smart phone, no matter where you go.

Get Viasat High-Speed Internet and Bundle with Viasat Voice or DIRECTV

Viasat isn’t just the rural internet provider of choice with unlimited data on all internet plans. Viasat offers Voice and DIRECTV bundles. If you can get Viasat satellite internet at your location, you can enjoy Viasat Voice service and DIRECTV satellite television. Add Viasat Voice VoIP phone service and enjoy unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada. Enjoy more than 200 HD channels when you bundle DIRECTV with Viasat satellite internet.

Viasat is available to almost every address in the U.S. Bundling Voice and DIRECTV with Viasat internet allows you to leverage your Viasat service for the most value because there are bundling discounts for both TV and phone.