How Much Does Viasat Internet Cost?

Viasat costs per month $50, $70, $100 or $150 depending on plan availability, based on your plan and service availability in your area. Pricing and plan availablity can vary by location, please call in to get today's most accurate pricing and availability for your exact location.

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High-speed rural internet is possible through Viasat internet service, but how much does Viasat internet cost? After all, Viasat (formerly Exede) is one of the top satellite internet service providers in the United States, and word is spreading fast. Viasat service is available in all 50 states with two internet plans—the Liberty and the Unlimited—to meet your individual needs. Look up “Viasat availability in my area” to check the Viasat internet availability map. Viasat works hard to bring satellite broadband internet to those living in rural areas in the North, South, East, and West of the U.S. So, how much does Viasat internet cost? Viasat pricing and availability are based on zip code.

How Much Does Viasat Internet Cost Monthly?

Rural internet through Viasat is giving those who live outside the coverage map for DSL and cable, access to everything the internet has to offer with high-speed internet service. How much does Viasat internet cost monthly? Is it affordable? Viasat internet prices 2021 start at $50 per month for both the Liberty and the Unlimited plans. (pricing based on area availability)

Viasat internet service in some areas is powered by the latest satellite, the Viasat-2, which has the capacity for unlimited internet and higher speeds. The Viasat-2 offers the fastest satellite internet access available. Viasat internet speeds with the Unlimited plan start at 25 Mbps (qualifying as broadband internet) and go up to 150 Mbps. If you compare Viasat’s internet speeds to those of the leading competition you will find that Viasat offers the fastest connection in the market. Viasat’s fastest available downloading speed (100 Mbps) is four times faster than the leading competition. It is no wonder that Viasat is ranked as the best high-speed rural internet provider in the nation.

Viasat internet speeds are slower for the Liberty plans. All Liberty plans have up to 12 Mbps download speeds and are priced by data usage. Liberty plans do not have data caps or overages. If you use all of your priority data for the month, speeds are reduced until the next billing cycle. All plans include built-in Wi-Fi and the Video Data Extender. The Video Data Extender optimizes video streaming, reducing it to DVD quality to use less data and to stream content faster. Liberty plan customers have access to the Free Zone from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m. daily to use additional data that doesn’t count towards priority data usage. Even if you’ve used up all your priority data for the month, you can still use unlimited data during these off hours. So, if you’re asking, “How much does Viasat internet cost?” you can be sure the price will be the same from month to month TX  CO   MI   OR   FL   WA


Customers in Viasat internet reviews report having faster internet with the Viasat internet plans than with DSL or cable. Internet speeds and reliability with DSL and Cable depend on where you live. Those living close to the internet hubs will have better internet service than those living further away. Due to latency, DSL and Cable are typically better internet options for gamers who play real-time strategy games, shooting games, and sports games. Even the fastest satellite internet has latency that disrupts these types of games. While the question of “How much does Viasat internet cost?” is important to answer, it’s clearly not the only question to be answered in the search for reliable, affordable internet.

How Much Does Viasat Internet Cost to Bundle?   1-877-697-2926

Viasat internet can be bundled with TV and voice services. How much does Viasat cost to bundle? Viasat internet with DIRECTV starts at $35 per month for 12 months. Bundling saves $10 per month. DIRECTV through Viasat has over 200 HD channels. Most customers who have access to Viasat internet can get DIRECTV.

Customers can get a Viasat internet phone number for $19.99 per month, saving $10 per month by bundling. Viasat Voice is a home phone service using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to make phone calls using the Viasat satellite network. Viasat Voice has unlimited local and long distance calling to all 50 states and Canada. Other features include voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and more. You can keep your current phone number (in most cases) or choose a new one. Even though Viasat Voice uses the satellite internet technology, phone calls do not count towards your monthly data allowance.

How Much Does Viasat Internet Cost to Install?

Viasat plans and pricing include free standard installation. Satellite internet requires hardware installed outside of the home. The placement of the small outdoor satellite affects connectivity, so Viasat does not allow DIY home installation. Viasat technicians are trained to install the equipment to maximize internet service and speed. How much does Viasat internet cost to install? The installation itself is free for new customers. Viasat internet customer service will schedule a time for installation after you purchase the internet service. Monthly service prices for Viasat do not include hardware and equipment. Customers can choose to pay an equipment leasing fee of $9.99 per month or pay an equipment purchase fee of $299.99.

Fast Viasat Internet Service, Even In the Most Rural Areas | Buy Viasat1-877-697-2926

Look to Viasat satellite internet for internet plans that deliver high-speed broadband internet to even the most remote locations. Get Viasat to enjoy fast internet with high data caps and no hard data limits and find out how enjoyable using satellite internet can be.
Depending on where you live, you may be able to choose a plan with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. In other areas, plans with 50 Mbps or 30 Mbps are generally available.
You can get Viasat plans with up to 25 Mbps download speeds at almost any location and Viasat plans with download speeds of 12 Mbps are available virtually everywhere.  Stream music, download movies and videos, surf the web and give yourself the option of working from home—get space-age rural internet from Viasat satellite internet service.
Viasat satellite internet plans are available at almost every location in the United States. This is thanks to Viasat’s advanced geosynchronous satellite, which is stationed in a fixed location in Earth’s atmosphere. The Viasat dish that is installed at a customer’s house is positioned so that it can communicate with the main satellite by beaming information back and forth. The internet plans available to you will be determined by which satellite beams serve your geographic location. As long as you have a clear view of the sky, you can be virtually certain that Viasat’s satellite beams will successfully reach your home. Call today to talk with a rep and find the best Viasat satellite internet service plan for you.

Viasat Has No Data Caps? How Does This Affect the Cost of Viasat Internet Plans?  1-877-697-2926

Each Viasat internet plan’s cost is based on download speeds and the amount of priority data.  The higher the download speed and priority data threshold, the more the Viasat internet plan will cost.
One of the best features of a Viasat satellite internet plan is that all have truly unlimited data. Once a plan’s monthly priority data limit has been reached, internet traffic is prioritized behind that of users who have not met their data threshold. This means that you can still connect to the internet after you reach your monthly data allowance. Your connection won't be as strong as it was earlier in the month before you went over on data usage; however, Viasat won't cut your service off. In fact, customers whose data has been deprioritized can try to connect to the internet during hours in which few other people are trying to connect. By doing this, they are taking advantage of a time in which there is not a lot of competition for priority internet. To put it simply: by connecting to the internet in the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night, customers who have deprioritized data can continue to connect as almost-normal speeds. Again, there are never any overage fees, and when a new month begins, Viasat satellite internet plans that have been throttled are restored to full speed.
Viasat recognizes that satellite internet plans typically cost more than cable and DSL plans, and the company does its part to help its internet customers get the most for their money. Viasat offers a Free Zone, typically from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m., to help customers avoid crossing their priority data threshold. The Free Zone is a great time to download large files for use during the daytime and evening hours. Viasat also offers a video data extender to help Viasat internet users get the most entertainment from their internet plans. Using the Viasat web browser helps to reduce data usage, too. Customers can track data usage with the Viasat app to avoid reaching their data caps.

Will the Cost of Viasat Internet Plans Change Over the Contract?

Viasat satellite internet plans typically have a three-month introductory offer, after which the price increases and locks in for the remainder of a two-year contract. Click on the “Plans” tab above to see Viasat satellite internet plan prices.

How Much Is Viasat with No Contract?

Viasat satellite internet normally requires a two-year commitment, but the company understands that not all customers can commit to being in the same place for the next two years. For those customers, Viasat offers a no-contract option with the payment of a contract opt-out fee of $300.
Since we all know that the unexpected can and will happen, Viasat allows you to cancel your two-year contract with payment of early termination fees, which can reach $300. So, as you weigh your options, consider that it may work to your advantage to enter the two-year Viasat contract. If you must move before the contract period ends, you can simply pay the early termination fees, which will be no more than the contract opt-out fee of $300.

Compare Satellite Internet Service Providers vs. Viasat to See How Viasat Internet Plans Stack Up

If satellite internet is your only option for rural internet, you may have to pay more for internet than those who have access to DSL or cable internet. Since there are only two satellite internet providers serving the U.S., your comparison will be limited to HughesNet vs. Viasat plans and pricing.  
Viasat internet plans offer up to 100 Mbps download speeds, a 150 GB data threshold and unlimited data. Once a customer reaches Viasat’s data cap, his internet traffic is prioritized behind other customers, resulting in lower internet speeds, but not a dead crawl! The cost for Viasat’s best internet plan is $150/month.

HughesNet satellite internet plans all come with download speeds up to 25 Mbps. HughesNet’s top plan comes with a 50 GB data threshold and is priced at $149.99/month. Once your priority data is used for the month, HughesNet internet speeds slow to 1-3 Mbps.
Because all satellite internet plans available through Viasat and HughesNet include data thresholds, both companies offer an early morning period when you can download large files without using your plan’s data.

When it comes to contract terms, there is one major difference in HughesNet vs. Viasat internet plans. Both typically require a two-year contract, but Viasat has a no-contract option that is available with payment of the no-contract fee. Both have equipment charges, and both companies offer modems with built-in Wi-Fi routers, making it easy to connect wireless devices throughout your home.  Viasat and HughesNet both offer free standard installation options.

Viasat and HughesNet each have video data saver features to prevent having your internet speeds throttled. Unlike HughesNet, Viasat satellite internet packages come with the Viasat browser for even more efficient use of data. Viasat and HughesNet have phone apps to help you keep track of your data usage, billing and more.
Conclusion: Most U.S. residents will get higher download speeds and higher data caps for their money from Viasat. Plan availability is determined by the capabilities of the satellite beam serving an area, so the 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps Viasat plans will not be available everywhere; however, some Viasat plans will be available no matter where you are. In some areas, HughesNet offers faster service than Viasat, and you may decide that HughesNet is your best option for affordable satellite internet. Call today to learn exactly what your satellite internet options are. Our experts on HughesNet vs. Viasat satellite internet features and pricing can help you get the best internet plan for you.

How Much Does Viasat Internet Cost If Video Streaming Is My Primary Use?

If you are looking at rural internet options primarily for streaming video, Viasat has plans that will work well for you. The rule of thumb for heavy video streaming is to buy the best plan available to you, but all Viasat internet plans support video streaming, even if you use all your priority data before the month is over. Netflix and Hulu video typically require a minimum download speed of 0.5 Mbps to stream but recommend download speeds of at least 1.5 Mbps. To help you avoid using all your data before the month is over, Viasat internet plans include the Viasat browser with video controls to allow you to watch video at lower resolutions when you don’t need the higher resolution. Another useful trick that some customers might find helpful is to download movies during Viasat’s Free Zone for watching later.

How Much Does Satellite Internet Cost Without a Contract?

Viasat has a No-Long-Term-Contract Fee option for residential internet customers. With the payment of a $300 fee with the first month’s bill, Viasat satellite internet service may be canceled at any time.
If you have a 24-month contract for Viasat internet service, and you must cancel, your Early Termination Fee will be equal to $15 per month remaining on the contract. If moving in on your horizon, but you expect to stay at the location of your internet service for more than four months, you will likely be ahead to pay an Early Termination Fee rather than opting for the No-Contract Fee.

If I Get Viasat Flex, How Does It Affect Viasat Pricing?

Viasat customers may combine Viasat Flex with their traditional Viasat plans with no increase in their Viasat pricing during the introductory period.* Viasat Flex is a hybrid internet service that combines Viasat satellite internet service with DSL internet service to deliver low-latency, high-speed internet in select ViaSat-2 plan service areas. With Viasat Flex, rapid-response video gaming and video conferencing are new options for satellite internet users.

Is There a Charge for Installing Viasat Flex with ViaSat Plans?

Viasat Flex pairs a Viasat unlimited-data internet plan with a DSL internet plan. While there may be a charge for installing your Viasat satellite internet service, there is no charge for the DSL installation, which is done separately by a DSL installation technician from a Viasat partner.*

*There is no charge for Viasat Flex during the introductory period. Viasat prices for ViaSat-2 plans are the same with or without Flex. Should a charge for Viasat Flex ever be added to the Viasat pricing structure, you can expect to be notified prior to billing at the higher price and given the opportunity to discontinue your Flex service.

What Does an Economy Viasat Plan Offer?

The Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 satellite internet plan is a great rural internet option for homes that need internet connectivity for browsing, emailing, social networking, even small-screen video streaming.
For $50 a month, Viasat customers get unlimited data with download speeds up to 12 Mbps. All unlimited Viasat plans come with 150GB monthly data usage thresholds—once the threshold is reached, Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers during times of peak usage.

You can do a lot with the Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 Plan, when you take advantage of Viasat’s tools for data management. Use the Video Data Extender to watch more video while using a lot less data. Make data usage awareness a part of daily life at your house by limiting video time and checking your data usage. If you use video streaming devices, such as Roku, pay special attention to how they are using your data. Tweak email settings to stop automatic downloads and downsize photos prior to emailing unless you really need 10 GB files. Turn off auto-play video features on sites such as Facebook to conserve loads of data!
Still on the fence about taking the satellite internet plunge? Try the Viasat Unlimited Bronze 12 plan with no risk. If you decide you need faster internet, there’s no charge to change plans. You will simply be charged the monthly fee for the Viasat plan you choose for your upgrade.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel Viasat Internet?

The cost of canceling Viasat internet is determined by how much time remains on your contract at the time of cancellation. Viasat requires a 24-month contract, and an early termination fee of $15 is charged for each month remaining at the time of cancellation. If you know you can’t commit to a 24-month contract, you may want to opt for the No-Contract option when you sign up for Viasat satellite internet. Viasat customers may opt out of a contract with the payment of a $300 No-Contract fee. In addition to cutting the commitment period to get Viasat internet, the $300 No-Contract option provides a way for people who have poor credit or don’t want a credit check to get rural internet service.

Our trained customer service representatives can answer whatever question you might have about the plans and pricing. They will gladly assist you in finding the plan that works best for your needs and your budget.

How Much is a Viasat Subscription?

Viasat requires a 24-month subscription that will include all the equipment you need to get fast internet. A professional technician will install the equipment securely. You will be leasing the equipment.

Viasat offers the first 3 months for new customers at a promotional rate, specified below, after which the rate will go up to the regular price. Your street address will determine which plan options are available at your location. Not all plans are available at all locations and pricing can change.

The correlating factors in pricing are (1) the volume of data you get included; and (2) the download speeds you can expect. All plans have unlimited data insofar as you get your high-speed data allocation per your plan but after you exceed it, if you do, you’re not without internet. You still will have the internet but at slower speeds. You can always purchase more fast data at crunch times by using the My Viasat app that comes with your subscription.

Viasat plans are perhaps best categorized by their download speeds of “Up To” a certain speed but may also be marketed under names like Discovery or other names. You’re not going to have all the below plans available at your address so try not to get confused. You generally will have five plan options available to you.

Here is a list of plans with their respective details

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No Contracts,No Data limits, Viasat Unleashed internet plans. You’re just moments away from getting started with the U.S.A.’s top satellite internet service, Viasat. Our simple and painless online form will help us check which services are available at your address. We’ll list the plans we have for you with key details including the pricing. You can choose the one that fits your needs best. It’s prompt and hassle-free. You can either complete your order online or you can speak with one of our very helpful and congenial Sales Professionals. We’ll again verify your plan options. Our plans are not complicated and we welcome all your questions about satellite internet service and Viasat.

NOTE: When you speak with our Sales Professional, or sign up online, you are NOT committing to the service. An account gets opened for you so we can make an appointment to have the Viasat technician visit your property and confirm that you have a clear path to receive our internet signal. During the visit you can decide to go forward with the installation of the internet service, or, you can decide not to go forward and the technician will leave your property at no charge to you.