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Which is the Best Satellite Internet Provider?

Who has the best satellite Internet service?

The best satellite Internet provider is Viasat. When comparing different service providers it is best to look at multiple options and to find what is most important to the customer. Viasat does it’s absolute best to meet the customers needs and supply them with different plan options that can be beneficial for everyday use.

If you live in a rural area or even just outside city lines, you may be struggling to find a suitable internet provider. Just like anybody else seeking access to the web, you probably want affordability, reliability, and speed. Luckily, Viasat satellite internet provides all that and more.

How reliable is Viasat?

Viasat is considered one of the best satellite internet providers in the nation—its advanced satellite technology reaches almost everywhere in the United States. While many cable internet providers cannot guarantee good connection in rural areas, Viasat makes it a priority to provide quality internet access to those living outside urban areas. Not only is Viasat trusted by residential clients, but businesses and government agencies rely on its services as well. In fact, several major commercial airlines, including American Airlines, use Viasat to give passengers the ability to use in-flight wifi.

Will I have high-speed internet with Viasat?

Viasat offers customers an amazing downloading speed of 100 Mbps—that’s four times faster than the downloading speed of Hughesnet. With 100 Mbps, customers can connect on more than four devices, watch movies, download large files, and use a home security system with video cameras.

Does Viasat offer unlimited internet, and what are data caps?

Most internet providers charge customers for exceeding their “data caps” (the amount of data provided in an internet plan). However, Viasat does not charge or disconnect its customers if they go over their data threshold. While their data may be deprioritized, customers can still access the internet and take advantage of “free zones” in the early morning hours. However, most customers won’t have to worry about going over their thresholds since Viasat has high data caps. Some companies, like Hughesnet, might boast in not having any data caps; however, this comes at the expense of slower downloading speeds. As stated previously, Viasat provides internet connection at a speed that is four times faster than Hughesnet. With high data caps, high-speed data, and the freedom to continue to connect without overage fees, Viasat customers can be confident in their choice of satellite internet providers.

What are the best satellite internet plans?

Viasat offers many plans in an attempt to meet the needs and desires of all it’s customers. Viasat has 10 different plans whose data caps range from 12GB to 150GB. These are offered with Limited and Unlimited plans. Their plans are also offered in a range of prices depending on your data need, small and large. While the competition may provide multiple plan options, most do not come close to providing this many opportunities to meet the customers specific needs. Viasat also has a 2-year price lock which is beneficial for everyone as Viasat desires to protect its customers from price hikes. While these plans can and do work for single person households they also work brilliantly with multi-member households, allowing multiple people to work on the internet at a time. With the new Viasat-2 satellite, that launched in 2018, Viasat internet plans can now reach up to 100Mbps, by far exceeding the competition.

How do Vissat customers like the service?

According to an independent survey, Viasat customers gave it 4.05 out of 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction. Viasat also received the highest score for quickest speed with a 4.27 out of 5. This category wasn't the only one where Viasat led the competition. Viassat also received the highest scores over the other major satellite internet providers in America in the categories of installation, setup, technical support, customer support, reliability and monthly bill. With the kind of service that this survey shows you should expect nothing less than great service.

After comparing Viasat and it’s competitor for performance, customer review, and benefits, it’s easy to see why Viasat would be considered by many, the best satellite internet provider.