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Why is My Viasat Phone Not Working?

Let’s look at the most frequent issues.

Problem: Dead Air or No Dial Tone

Secure the cables between your Viasat Internet modem and Voice Adapter. The WAN LED light on the Voice Adapter should be glowing amber-colored. Connect the yellow ethernet cable securely between your Viasat internet modem and the WAN port on the Voice Adapter.

Confirm that your Viasat modem is on. The second LED light from the top should be lit and solid.

Confirm that your Voice Adaptor is on. The power LED light on the Voice Adapter should be lit green.

Reboot your Voice Adaptor. Unplug the power chord from the back of the adapter, wait 5 seconds, plug it back in. The newest software will download fast.

Could there be an issue with your account? The VOIP LED light should be lit green and if not call Customer Service at 855-463-9333.

The phone you are using with Voice should be set to “ring,” not “pulse.”

Problem: No Dial Tone or Fast Busy

Hang up and try again. Are any other phones off the hook? Cordless phones can interfere so connect your phone directly to the Voice Adaptor. Finally, you may have voice mail waiting.

Problem: Buzzing or Static on the Line

Cordless phones, weak batteries, or a less expensive phone can cause this. If your Voice Adapter is plugged into your phone wall outlet, then disconnect it, and plug the phone directly into your Voice Adaptor.

Do you have a baby monitor, Wi-Fi hotspot, or microwave using the same frequency as a cordless phone? This can cause the issue. If you still have an active phone number with the local phone company it uses the same wiring as Voice and you can’t successfully use your home wiring for both phone services at the same time. You may need to address the wiring in your home.

Problem: Overheated or Hot Voice Adaptor

Use the original cables provided. Place your Voice Adapter placed where it gets ventilation. Check that that Adaptor is plugged into the power cable you received with your Voice setup. Using a different cable can cause overheating. If it still overheats then call Customer Service.

Viasat Internet and Voice run on power and when you lose power both services will not work. Consider adding battery backup to your home.