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What time does viasat data reset?

What Time Does Viasat Data Reset?

Your data usage starts and ends each month on your specific monthly billing cycle. Depending on when you sign up and service gets started at your home that’s when the billing cycle will start. Your data will reset at the beginning of each monthly measurement period on your individual service agreement. Your monthly measurement period begins and ends along with your monthly billing cycle. It’s very important for your management of your data usage that you know the start and end date of your billing cycle.

Each month, on the date your bill is due, your High-Speed data allowance gets reset. You can find your reset date by going to logging to your account. You’ll have an account after to sign up for service and internet service is started at your home. If you go past your data max for High-Speed service, you’ll still have internet access but speeds may slow considerably and impact your ability to stream.

As you choose your data plan it’s a good idea to nail down the specifics of your data plan:

Data usage is metered starting on the first day of your monthly measurement period so please confirm the dates with customer service on the day you choose your plan. Write it down. You’ll receive notification from Viasat when you hit your limit but it’s better to keep checking your usage in your account login and via the mobile phone app to stay aware.

All of the data you upload and download counts toward your allowance.

Depending on the plan type you select your metered hours will vary. All hours may be metered around the clock; or, depending on your plan, the metered hours could be 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. to midnight each day. If you do have any unmetered hours on your plan, they typically will be in the very early morning hours of your local time zone. Again, please confirm these details and write them down.

When you use 100% of your High-Speed data allowance you may be able to purchase more data by logging into your account and following prompts if that’s a feature enabled in your plan.

You can easily check your data usage by logging into your account and clicking the “Plan & Usage” tab to see your current data usage.

A note about speeds: Even when you haven’t used all your data, a few things can impact speeds. Network congestion, the number of people online in your household at one time, the quality of your in-home network connections and your devices, and severe weather.