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What kind of internet do I need to work from home?

The internet you have now will probably be fine for what you need to do when you work from home. If you are looking for a new ISP or data plan you will want to find something with reliably fast download and upload speeds. Download speeds are how quickly you can access things online. If you have a faster download speed then you will be able to send emails quicker and pull up your websites faster. Upload speeds reflect how quickly you can put things on the internet. Faster upload speeds mean you will look better in your Zoom call, and will be able to attach important documents to your email faster. If you are looking into different plans to choose from you can always go for the one with the higher data plan. No one was ever upset for having enough data. A good good we suggest is between 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps for working at home. This will give you the ability to do everything you need to do for work and supply any kids or anyone else in the house working to have the kind of data to do what they need done. It all depends on how many people are going to be using the data and that is something your ISP could help you with.