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What is the best internet speed for working from home?

The best speed for working from home is around 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps. At this speed you can Stream videos, have video conferences and send as many emails as you need to. If you were to go down to 25 Mbps you could still get tasks done that were necessary like sending emails, taking audio and video conference calls. If you had kids who were streaming shows and playing games in another room you wouldn’t be able to get any work done though. You don’t always know what others are doing on your internet if you have multiple users in your residence. Multiple users with multiple devices running on 100 Mbps download speeds should still experience fast internet speeds though. This is why 100 Mbps is recommended, because you don’t have to worry what others are doing on your internet while you are working. At 100 Mbps multiple people can be streaming shows in your residence and you could still have your computer running at the same speeds when on a video conference call. At 50 Mbps you are still able to work on whatever you need to do but there aren’t as many options for others to do what they want to do. No one ever complained about having too much speed when getting done what they needed to.