What is priority data Viasat?

Priority data is only used for Liberty metered plans. Liberty plans are a flexible and fast way to get high speed internet that first starts out by using the set priority data up to either 12 or 25 Mbps. If you ever go over your monthly data allowance you can still continue to use data, but only at download speeds between 1 and 5 Mbps during the daytime. During the evening hours your speeds will be even slower since everyone will be wanting to use the internet after they get home to relax. At these times your speeds may get down below 1 Mbps which is too slow to stream tv shows, stream movies, or play online games. The evening hours last between 5pm and 2am and during this time it might not be possible to stream video with the Liberty Pass. Even if you have used up all of your priority data you should still have good speeds for 15 hours during the day between 2am and 5pm. You always have the option to buy more priority data as well to get faster speeds, or you can upgrade to another plan that has more priority data. You won’t incur a change fee either for upgrading your plan. By using the Viasat Browser you can minimize your data usage with the ad-blocking feature added to the browser which will reduce the amount of data consumed when you are surfing the internet.