What is a good download speed and upload speed?

The FCC has said that download speeds at 25 Mbps is enough to accommodate many families needs and is considered fast internet while upload speeds are to be considered at 3 Mbps to accommodate a family. It also depends on what you are spending your time and data on that really shows you how much speed you need for you and your family. More than 90% of Allconnect (a website) readers took an internet speed test by streaming tv and more than 25% of them streamed it in Ultra HD. This means that 25 Mbps won’t satisfy the average American’s needs, but speeds closer to 100 Mbps would be closer to what they are used to. If you are the ones working from home during this time then your internet connection is important to you. Everything depends on it whether you are emailing others or video conferencing with those you work with. You could get what you need to do with 25 Mbps, but you couldn’t do much more if you wanted to do some online gaming or stream shows, or if your kids wanted to do those activities. At 100 Mbps you and multiple others could do what you wanted with the data available to you. As the technology in the world is advancing, download speed and upload speed will increase as well and that will need to be kept in mind.