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Is Viasat Secure?

Is Viasat Secure?

Yes, your Viasat network is secure. The network is encrypted end-to-end with Type 1 solutions to protect your information.

For even more security you can also add a compatible Virtual Private Network (VPN) to your connection. It’s a popular way to add another layer of protection not just by satellite internet users but also by customers of cable internet, fiber internet and even in some cases buy customers of cellular internet. It’s across the board.

Bear in mind, though, that Viasat speeds are not as fast as cable or fiber internet. Data can be slow at certain times. Adding a VPN can further slow signal transmission and there could be buffering delays on top of slower transmission at certain times. If you do plan to use a VPN at all times when you are online then you look closely at the fastest Viasat plan available in your area so you’re starting from the best possible speeds before layering in the VPN. This should not deter you from adding a VPN if you want one.

Compatible VPNs for Viasat include NordVPN, Private Internet Access, Cyber Ghost VPN, Surfshark, Zenmate VPN and others. While it’s expected that these VPNs are compatible with Viasat always check before buying that they’ll function on a Viasat satellite internet connection. There may be particular versions you need.

Viasat is focused on cyber threats as a way of life because its networks more than 500 terabytes (TB) of daily. These networks must function smoothly. Viasat data teams analyze 2.4 billion digital events each day as a way to interrogate the threat environment. They look for anomalies and use other proprietary threat-detection protocols. By being aggressive and persistent Viasat builds cumulative threat intelligence and can remediate threats that do occur. Cyber-attacks and network threats can come from any direction at any time. Viasat cyber teams are expert at identifying and addressing cyber threats. Network security is not only a top priority of the company it’s also a matter of our nation’s security.

Viasat has for 30 years been a leader in supplying communication and encryption products to industry, government entities, and the U.S. Military. Security is a vital part of the company’s mission.

While we’re discussing security here’s a reminder that security is also each one’s responsibility. Don’t leave your network password on a piece of paper near your devices. Don’t leave your network open to other users unless you mean to do so. Consider using a password encryption service. Know who you’re talking to and interacting with online. Do you know them “irl” in real life or is this a scam? Are you being solicited for money? Don’t fall for it. Never open a link in an email regardless of how well you know the sender because their account could have been hacked. When you need a password reset, open the confirmation email immediately and log back but don’t fall for false password reset ruses if you didn’t request the email. In fact, for those accounts that deal with spending your money, set up 2-factor authentication that pings a special login code to your phone each time. The peace of mind is worth it.