Is 25 Mbps enough to work from home?

This is a good speed to work from home, either 25 Mbps or higher. It would be good to do a test to check your speed online. It will run the speed on your computer to see if your connection is fast enough for your needs. For someone who only uses email, social media and audio conference calls when working from home, a download and upload speed of 2 Mbps will suffice. If you require video conferencing or uploading and downloading large documents like videos a speed closer to 10 Mbps will work better. A download speed of 25 Mbps or higher is desirable for those who have multiple people working from home or people using streaming services at the same time. If multiple people are working from home then you need to keep in mind that internet is cumulative. If the speed you have now is not fast enough for the work you are doing then look at your router. If it is around 5 years old then it is time to get a new one since new routers come out every year with newer and better technology. You can also contact your ISP for help to find better plans for your business.