How Much Data does Tiktok Use?

You’re likely asking this question because you’re on a limited data plan and are hoping to conserve your data. Videos of all kinds, whether Netflix, YouTube, or Tiktok, use a lot of data to make up the audio and video portions of the content. That’s where most people use up their monthly data. No one is worrying about how much data is being used by checking their email.

So what about TikTok? How many hours can you spend in the app each day before your plan cuts you off? That depends on your plan and your watching habits, but let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

You can watch TikTok for about 70 minutes before you use 1 GB of data. That’s pure video watching for 70 minutes, no breaks. You’re probably spending a few seconds between many videos, sometimes more if you’re searching and browsing in between, so you should get at least a little more than 70 minutes.

If you’re on a generous internet plan, using up 1 GB in 70 minutes isn’t a big deal. However, if you’re trying to conserve cellular data, chances are your plan is significantly smaller. That 1 GB could be a significant portion of your monthly data limit.

If that’s the case, consider switching your TikTok settings to data saving mode. This will more than double the amount of TikTok you can enjoy for the same data usage.