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How long will 30 GB of hotspot last?

With 30 GB of data you could binge watch about 10 hours of HD quality Netflix films. It all depends on what quality you want to watch it on as well. If you choose to watch your movies in SD then you could watch closer to 30 hours of films. It all depends on what your preferences are though. With 30 GB you could also stream about 10 days worth of high quality music on Spotify. If you want this to last longer then you could always change to normal quality or extreme quality at 96 Kbps and 320 Kbps respectively, while high quality is at 160 Kbps. You would also be able to upload over 45,000 photos to Facebook with 30 GB. There are many ways that you could use your 30 GB of data and if you were using this in a family plan there are many ways your family would be using it. The one thing you would need to pay attention to would be downloading and streaming videos on the hotspot. This is what would take up most of the data if it was done on the hotspot. If you were in a place that had wifi then it would be suggested to use it if you were to do these activities.