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How long will 15 GB of mobile hotspot last?

It all depends on what you spend your data on for how long it will last. Each activity that uses the internet uses a different amount of data and the speed of how fast that data is used is based on your download or upload speed. Streaming video is one activity that uses a large amount of data, while listening to music or sending emails doesn’t use near as much data. If you only had 15GB of data to use, then mathematically speaking you could last for about 50 hours if you are doing these activities in low definition. Watching Netflix, or any other streaming platform is going to be an activity that uses more data that most activities you could be doing. You could consume 700MB per hour for 21 hours and use all of your 15GB. If that is all you have for the month, then you may want to stay away from streaming video on your mobile hotspot. Watching Youtube falls into this category as well since you will be streaming video to use Youtube. If you were to use one of the lowest definitions to stream you can make your data last longer. By using 240p video you could use 8MB for every 5 minutes, but at 1080p you would be using 62MB every 5 minutes, which is a large jump. You could only watch Youtube up to 20 hours as well. Streaming music on Spotify will give you much more time with 15GB of data. You would only need to use 1GB for every 7 hours and you could listen to music for over 100 hours. Browsing social media or the web is the most efficient way to use your data since it only consumes 50KB or under for every refresh. It is important to pay attention to what activities you are using on your mobile hotspot so your data doesn’t get away from you.