How Do You Protect a Satellite Dish From Rain?

While it is rare for rain to be the cause behind a blocked satellite internet signal, it can sometimes affect the strength of the connection. The presence of a lot of rain drops on the satellite dish can distort the signal and prevent the receiver from getting as clean of a connection. This is called rain fade.

There are a lot of proposed solutions out on the internet, but not all of them are helpful. One of the common solutions you’ll run across is to spray non-stick cooking spray on your satellite dish. This is supposed to make the rain drops fall off the dish more quickly, leaving less rain and thus less rain fade.

But the verdict on this method isn’t out yet. There’s concern that the presence of cooking spray makes pollen, dust, and other matter stick to the dish, which will also block and distort the signal. Kinda defeats the purpose. There’s also the fact that many satellite dishes already have some water-repellant characteristics, making cooking spray unnecessary. If you really want to spray your satellite dish, we recommend satellite rain fade solution.

There is also advice to use satellite rain covers. Like the cooking spray, these can often cause as many problems as they solve. The rain doesn’t have to be on the dish to cause distortion. Signals going through raindrops on the cover will also distort the signal. Plus, cheaper models will be made of materials that block some of the signal before it even gets to the dish.

All in all, there are only a couple things you can do. One, install the dish in a place that is a little drier, like under the overhang of your house instead of under a tree. Two, install a bigger dish, if this is an option with your satellite service. And three, if you really want to spray something on your dish, use a satellite rain fade solution.