How do I fix my satellite internet connection?

There could be many reasons for why your internet connection is not working as it should. One step you could take is to try using a different device to see if it is the device or if it is actually the internet that is having issues. By checking on this you might avoid having to call your internet provider with an easy fix. The most common troubleshooting option people go with is to power cycle or reset your modem. Unplugging your modem and router for a few minutes can clear up most satellite internet issues, it will just take a few more minutes for it to boot up when you plug it back in again. Also, before you reset your modem, make sure you have your network passwords handy since resetting it will clear out saved passwords. Some other physical devices you can check before calling your internet provider is your dish and your cords. If you can safely access your dish, inspect it for any damage. It is possible that a tree branch, snow and ice or storm debris could be interfering with your signal. It is good to check your connection cords running to your modem, router and computer. Cords can easily become loose or disconnected and affect your internet service. These are only a few troubleshooting options you can look into when trying to fix your internet connection. There are plenty more and your internet provider customer service can give you more advice as well.