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How Can I Get Internet in a Poor Signal Area?

Do you live in an area where you can’t get a strong cellular signal? No cable TV service or fiber optic out your way? You still have a solid option for getting internet service. Satellite internet doesn’t depend on buried cables or cell phone towers. It skips all that and goes straight to space.

The good news is that satellite internet is available anywhere in the Continental U.S., even on a boat, provided you have a space with a clear view to the Southern sky. This is a great option and potentially the only option for customers in rural and remote locations.

Satellite internet works via communication satellites in orbit that beam signals to and from space to ground stations on earth. A small dish at your premises receives the signal and transmits data to your modem via a cable line that comes with the installation. You can set up a Wi-Fi network in your home to get all your connected devices online. You don’t need a land line installed at your home to get satellite internet.

The installation for satellite internet equipment includes the dish, a cable running you’re your home, and a modem/router. With professional installation you will be up and running online when your install is complete.

Most satellite internet plans tend to have unlimited data but not unlimited data at high speeds. There will likely be a cap for faster data and then once that’s met you still have the internet but at slower speeds. Tip: Not all online activities use the same amount of data. Save the fast data allotment for where you need it most.

Video Streaming uses 1GB - 7GB per hour depending on whether you are using HD resolution or standard. Control your resolution settings in the platform under your account or on the video gear button. Video Conferencing uses 1 GB per hour with cameras turned on. The more faces you see the more data you’re using. Depending on your situation it’s better to turn off your camera. Music Streaming uses 150 MB per hour. Social Media uses 120 MB per hour but can climb much higher if you watch all those auto-play videos. Turn off auto-play in account settings on social platforms. Web Browsing uses 60 MB per hour but try to read the story and close out the video window. Gaming uses 40-150 MB per hour but satellite internet is not designed for real-time gaming. Internet of Thing Devices use more data if you have cameras online around your premises and stream video. Each home and device is unique so it’s not possible to generalize the data use. Just know that camera feeds that stream the images to you use more data than a text image uses.

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