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Does Viasat Support 5G?

Does Viasat Support 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity. The technological improvements that 5G is bringing will increase the amount of devices that can be connected and the speed of those connections. The question then arises whether Viasat customers get to reap the rewards of this new 5G technology.

5G is received by cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and other devices via other internet connection types. A typical setup might be fiber connections supplying internet signals to a cell tower and then the cell tower relaying those signals to user’s devices. The 5G standards will be using new radio frequencies for the relaying of these signals that will significantly increase performance.

When choosing a home internet provider, you will still have to choose between satellite, 5G, or both. Unfortunately, as with most internet types besides satellite, 5G has a limited range. 5G’s higher frequencies increase speeds but decrease coverage distance. This makes it ideal for highly populated areas, but less ideal for the typical Viasat satellite internet customer, who is usually in rural areas.

However, Viasat and 5G aren’t completely unrelated. Because of 5G’s short reach, it is likely it will partner with other internet providers to extend reach to users in hard-to-reach areas. Viasat plus 5G could be a powerful combination in the future to power internet-based services around the world.