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Does Viasat Have Email?

Before there was Viasat, there was Exede, and before there was Exede, there was WildBlue. These were some of the pioneers of the satellite internet industry and were the forerunners to the Viasat we know today.

When WildBlue satellite internet was acquired by Exede in 2009, customers were allowed to maintain their email accounts, but email accounts were also introduced. When Viasat-2 was launched in 2017, bringing with it a new line of high-speed internet plans, Exede changed its name to Viasat. It was announced that customers could continue to use their legacy Wildblue and Exede email addresses, though Viasat’s new services didn’t include any new ones. New customers needed to use other email services like Gmail or Outlook.

This continued support for WildBlue and Exede email accounts lasted for about four years, until July, 2021. Viasat announced beforehand that they would be discontinuing email services and that customers would need to find a new email address, giving them time to transfer any emails and contacts from their old email service into their new one.

With the prevalence of quality and free email services today, customers could easily find one that fits their needs and leave Viasat to focus on the service that they do best, satellite internet.