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Does Viasat have a Data Cap? | Viasat Data Cap

Does Viasat Internet Have Data Caps?

Nothing is more frustrating in the 21st century than reaching your internet data limits before the end of the month, and as a result, being left with a hefty fee that you never saw coming on your monthly bill. Without a doubt, you require high speed internet to execute your favorite web-based activities; streaming video content, playing online games, or just surfing the web and social media require fast internet services. Data caps prohibit you from freely enjoying your favorite content, but fortunately, you have other options when it comes to selecting the best satellite internet provider. Does Viasat have data caps? Not exactly, and the answer provides the perfect compromise to give you access to everything on the web.

Does Viasat Have Data Caps? Think Thresholds, Rather Than Caps

Does Viasat have data caps? Viasat utilizes data thresholds, not limits—that way, you avoid the possibility of financial surprises every month. Viasat and Viasat 2 technology provide a unique data threshold rather than hard data caps. With a data threshold, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited satellite internet all month long, with fast speeds and excellent reliability. The major difference is that, in the event that you exceed your allotted threshold for the month, you’ll still get the same data for your internet plan, but you might experience slightly slower speeds than your satellite internet delivers typically. You can rest assured that you will always enjoy unlimited data at the same base price.

Does Viasat Have Data Caps? No. Plans Are Tailored to Your Budget

You might be wondering—Does Viasat have data caps? And if so, are the plans affordable for my budget? Luckily for rural internet users and more, Viasat offers a variety of options for satellite internet service plans. Availability depends on your geographical location, as not all plans are available in all regions. For example, at the lower end of the price range is the Unlimited Bronze 12 plan, that includes speeds as fast as 12 Mbps for the low initial price of $50 per month. The higher end of the spectrum includes the Unlimited Platinum 100 for the initial base price of $150 per month. For certain types of Viasat plans, you may be eligible to take advantage of unmetered usage during specified data late night zones. The free zone is available during off hours, and it is a great time to download content or stream videos. Most of the plans also come with a three-month price lock guarantee, so you can rest assured that your monthly bill will stay at that low initial base price through the first three months of your service. You have an additional opportunity for savings if you are a DIRECTV user—Viasat offers a deal to bundle your television and satellite internet to save you even more on your bill every month.

Does Viasat have data caps? The answer is a simple “No.” Many internet service providers, including DSL and cable ISPs, have a limited data allowance, or threshold, that they may not even mention—they simply throttle heavy users. With Viasat, you get the best of both worlds—unlimited satellite internet with no monthly surprises on your bill and a clear understanding of exactly how much data you can use. By utilizing a data threshold rather than a cap, Viasat can provide you with affordable and predictable prices for reliable and high-quality unlimited satellite internet. Additionally, certain plans allow you to enjoy unmetered access to the free zone during early morning hours to get those big downloads done, without affecting your data allowance. If you value reliable, fast, affordable, and consistent satellite internet, then pick a provider with a data threshold, not limits. Viasat with cutting edge Viasat 2 technology is your best bet!

All Viasat satellite internet plans include a set amount of priority data each month. The available GB of data is often referred to as a Viasat plan data threshold rather than a data cap because Viasat never cuts off service when plan data has been depleted for the month. Once the data threshold on a Viasat internet plan is reached, internet traffic from this account is prioritized behind the traffic of accounts that have not reached their data threshold, so speeds may decrease during periods of network congestion. When a new month begins, your internet plan speed is restored to normal.

Does Viasat Have Data Caps on Streaming Video?

Yes, streaming video is metered against the monthly data allowance included in your Viasat internet plan. But, don’t be overly concerned because Viasat has several tools to reduce data usage. The Viasat browser has built-in tools to help conserve your data allowance, including an ad-blocker and a data saver mode to prevent video advertising from automatically loading and playing. When you stream video on a Viasat plan, you may elect to view at a lower resolution than the default to save plan data. Depending on the size of your screen, you may never notice that you are streaming video at a small screen resolution rather than SD quality or HD quality, but your data usage will be reduced dramatically.