Does Viasat Have a Wifi Booster?

Wifi is an absolutely necessary piece of technology that we have come to completely rely on in the 21st century. With the exception of some desktop computers and occasionally a few others, most of our devices are connecting wirelessly at all times. That’s why many modern laptops don’t even have ethernet ports anymore.

So it can be particularly annoying when the Wifi that you rely on everyday can’t reach some areas of your house. Wifi usually has a decent reach (depending on your wifi router), but can be slowed down by walls or radio frequency interference. If this is your situation, you might need a wifi booster.

But before considering a wifi booster, it’s important to first make sure your wifi router is in optimal position. Placing it in a central position in your home, rather than near an outside wall or in a basement, can make a significant difference in reaching every area, and might make it unnecessary to purchase extra equipment.

If your router is properly placed and you’re still finding gaps in wifi coverage, you should consider a wifi booster. Fortunately, any standard wifi booster will work with Viasat, so Viasat doesn’t need to offer any Viasat specific boosters.

Just install the booster somewhere in between your router and the areas that have gaps in coverage, then follow the boosters instructions for connecting to your wifi network. This should significantly extend coverage and give you a strong signal throughout your home.