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Does Viasat Bundle With DISH?

No, not really. At least, not in the way most people mean it.

Purchasing DISH Network through Viasat

On Viasat’s website, there is a page advertising DISH Network television service. There are several links one the page that send you to DISH Network’s website where you can purchase DISH Network’s services. There is a Viasat logo in the top left corner, and a promo code of “VIASAT2” is listed in the cart when you check out for service, but it does not appear to change the price of either service whatsoever.

You still need to purchase a Viasat satellite internet plan from Viasat if you want to have internet service, and you will still have separate bills for Viasat and DISH Network. It’s difficult to see in what way the services are bundled.

Purchasing Viasat through DISH Network

The two services appear even less connected when you look at DISH Network’s website. On it, there is a page dedicated to highspeed internet service which shows the logos of many different providers, and a number to call to order service. There is no link to any other provider, but there are disclaimers that the services are billed separately, and no claims are made about any prices.

If the services were discounted in some way, it would be advantageous to advertise it. So, it doesn’t appear that there are any cost saving benefits going this route either.