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Does Having Two Routers Increase my Speed?

Having two routers won’t increase your internet speed but it will improve the efficiency of your wireless signal so that you can approach getting the advertised speed from your internet service provider and reach all areas of your home if one router isn’t doing the job.

Unlike new furniture, or a new deck, routers do not have long shelf lives. Router technology is continually iterated to keep pace with wireless tech. Think in terms of getting 3 to 5 years of service.

The speed of your wireless signal won’t fix issues if your provider is slowing your data but it will maximize efficiency of the elements you personally can control. Signs you may be due for an upgrade include frequent “no internet” notifications especially on devices that are in a different location of your home from the router. Unless it’s a service interruption or your need to restart your device, being kicked offline a lot could be a hint that your router is ending its life cycle. Consider upgrading to a new router with support for wireless 802.11ac and dual-band support for faster wireless speeds. Keep the product packaging and everything that came with it.

Hard-wiring a device into your router using ethernet cables will make the signal stronger than connecting to the internet using your home Wi-Fi network. For this reason, try to connect your primary device like your work laptop into your router or router/modem using an ethernet cable that you can buy online or that came with the device. You probably have one of these sitting around in a drawer. For additional devices use the Wi-Fi network in your home to connect.

For most apartments and homes under 1,500 square feet you should be able to get away with one wireless access point provided the router is not aging out. For larger homes it’s a good idea to get two routers at the start of service but if after a few years you need to replace your router and want more signal strength (few people want or need less over time) then try to purchase two routers from the same manufacturer as a system. Look for new models that support 802.11ac and dual-band. The Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway Modem meets these specs.

You can add a second router from a different manufacturer but first check the firmware on your existing router and duplicate that on the one you add. Also confirm capability with Viasat.

A technician will likely set up the router near where the wire comes into the house but advocate for getting the router to a central location of your home. Routers will generally output signals in a downward orientation so mount the router as high as you can on a bookshelf or other ledge. Avoid putting a router in a closet, or a filing cabinet, or behind a piece of furniture or anywhere near a microwave.