Does Viasat Have Ethernet Ports?

Yes. Whether you choose the Viasat Wi-fi Modem or the Viasat Gateway Modem Router Voice device, you will see at least one Ethernet port on the device.

The Wi-fi Modem is both a modem and a router and is square. The Gateway is a modem with router and VoIP voice. It is triangular.

A modem connects your satellite dish to your computer via a coaxial cable from the dish into the modem. A separate Ethernet cable runs from the modem to your computer.

A router distributes the internet signal from the modem to your device either via the Ethernet cable or by connecting with the Wi-Fi router to push the internet signal to other devices wirelessly.

The modem-router and the Gateway device each come with power supply and three-pronged chord as well as an Ethernet cable. The modem-router comes with its own stand to secure it in place. The Gateway does not require a stand.

To set up your modem-router, insert the unit into the stand so it’s upright. Connect the coax cable running from your satellite dish to the modem-router. You technician will do this for you; self-installers will need to run the coax into the home. Using your fingers, gently insert the coax into the modem-router. The inner conductor “stem” will be in position if you can turn the metal shield gently until it’s secure.

Then connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the back of the modem-router and the other end into the Ethernet portal on your computer. This is a direct internet signal from the modem to your computer.

Power up by first attaching the AC power adaptor to the back of the modem-router. Then plug the power chord into a standard AC power source.

The modem-router will take 3 to 5 minutes to connect. Indicator lights will come on, flash, and may go dark briefly. The power light is white and should be lit. A solid blue light means you are good to go. You’ll want to get online next to set up your Wi-Fi network.

The Gateway device is more powerful and triangular shaped to allow for optimum cooling and internal antenna orientation. It includes two USB ports than can be used for device charging. The modem-router unit has one of these. The Gateway also has two ethernet ports and room for the coax. Follow directions to fully install it for VoIP.