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Can you work from home with satellite internet?

Yes, you can work from home with satellite internet. It depends on what you want to be doing when you work at home for which plan you pick. When deciding on a plan to choose you need to think of what you want your speed and data cap should be for what you are doing. A download speed of 25 Mbps is on the lower end of what is recommended for what working at home. It takes 25 Mbps to stream a show on Netflix at highest quality, so if you have that on in the background to work then you won't have any speed to do anything else besides read a few emails. A plan with about 100 Mbps is considered fast internet and is recommended for working at home because you can have video conference calls, a show on in the background for you or your kids and you can surf the web or check your email all day long. Viasat is a satellite internet provider and has four different plans between 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps to choose from. The plans have a data cap of 60 GB, 100 GB, 100 GB, and 150 GB which is plenty for most people when working from home. These are just a few options when looking for satellite internet for working from home and are similar to what you will find at other satellite internet providers. These plans will supply you with the necessary speed and data for whatever you need to do.