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Can You Use Your Own Router with Viasat?

Yes, you can use your own router with Viasat satellite internet. Any modern router will work with Viasat internet service; however, you may want to opt to use the Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway, a modem with built-in Wi-Fi that comes with your Viasat service plan. If you use your own router, you will still need a Viasat modem to connect to the internet. The Viasat equipment lease fee applies either way.

Can You Use Your Own Router with Viasat to Create a Home Network?

Yes, you can use your own router with Viasat internet to create a home Wi-Fi network. You can also create a home network using a Viasat modem with a built-in wireless router. A home Wi-Fi network will allow you connect desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and smart-home devices to your Viasat internet.

Can You Use Your Own Router with Viasat Internet and Get Help with Set Up?

Yes, you can get guidance on setting up your own router to work with your Viasat modem. Viasat has detailed instructions on the website for setting up an array of modern routers to work with Viasat modems. They include directions for advanced security features, too. If you still have questions about your unique situation, the Viasat Community Forum with Viasat employees moderating is very helpful.

Can You Use Your Own Router with Viasat and Turn Off the Viasat Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can turn off the wireless router in the Viasat Wi-Fi Gateway when you use your own Wi-Fi router. If you don’t turn off the built-in Viasat router, you will have two wireless networks running in your home. It isn’t necessarily a problem if both wireless networks are running, but you want to be aware that you have two networks. Some Viasat customers plug additional routers into the ports on their modem to extend the reach of their Wi-Fi signal.

Can You Use Your Own Router with Viasat Internet and Add Security Features?

Absolutely, you can add security features to your own router, and Viasat encourages you to secure your home network. You don’t want a network poacher to use all your Viasat plan’s data allowance, not to mention slowing down your internet. And, don’t forget about hackers looking for personal and financial information.

Security features you will want to set for your Wi-Fi router include a unique password for access your Viasat internet service. You may also want to turn off your Service Set Identifier (SSID), the public name of your home network. This will prevent people in the neighborhood from seeing your Wi-Fi network as an internet option; however, it will require internet users in your home network to type in both a username and password. Each time you make changes to your router settings, you may need to update settings in your wireless devices previously connected to your network.