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Can you get high speed internet in rural areas?

Yes you can! Satellite internet allows anyone to live wherever they want and still have access to the internet. Whether that be on a farm in the middle of nowhere or on your favorite beach you have the option to get high speed internet. Viasat is a satellite internet provider that gives customers exactly what they are looking for in high speed internet. They specialize in bringing internet to residential rural areas where internet providers who use copper wire and fiber don’t want to go. These internet providers who use copper wire and fiber need to put it into the ground for protection to send signals back and forth. This is helpful for residential areas in the city because so many people live close together there isn’t as much wire needed to supply a large amount of people with internet. The way satellite internet works is the modem sends a signal to the dish to then send to a satellite in space. The satellite will then transmit the signal back to the dish connected to your house, and that is how they communicate to get you service. Viasat is a great option for people who don’t have many internet providers in their area or when internet providers don’t want to go out that far. If that is you, then look into Viasat for high speed internet.