Can Viasat be Mobile?

Viasat satellite internet service is not designed for mobile RV travel because the satellite that comes with install isn’t built to work while it is moving. You could use your cell phone as a mobile hotspot if you go online for relatively short periods but mobile hot spot use consumes more phone battery life and uses more data on your phone plan. If you have an unlimited data plan on your phone that is great but be prepared to charge your phone more often. Using your mobile phone as a hotspot is a good alternative in a crunch.

For mobile living in an RV or otherwise travelling the better alternative is to get a dedicated portable Wi-Fi Hotspot. If there’s an internet signal present where you travel this device will find it and connect and can support your other devices. Look for a battery that lasts at least 12 hours. Check first with your cellular phone plan provider to see what they offer because it will automatically be compatible with your phone. Ask about coverage maps to make sure this will work where you plan to go. Some units have a USB-C charger you can insert into your laptop to charge while in use and to get a better connection. Pricing for the units can range from about $75 to $750 or more depending. Some will be 4G LTE while others will connect to 5G.

If the options from your cellular service prover aren’t strong then check out others but make sure you mention that your cell phone plan is from another carrier. You also will need to track another bill payment.

Just to cover the other bases, Viasat is not a mobile phone type or a cell phone service like T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T. It’s also not a web browser application like Google or Safari that you can download onto your iOS or Android device to go online from your mobile phone.

Viasat does have a mobile phone application to help you monitor your account but Viasat is not a mobile internet service. Viasat satellite internet service for your home comes with a small dish that will be set up outside and a modem-router that connects your computer inside, and other devices, to the internet.