Company Overview

Research Systems, Inc. develops technical visualization and application development software. Primary markets for our products are space physics, medical imaging, engineering test and analysis and the earth sciences. Our corporate motto, Software Vision conveys an important part of our corporate mission - to equate software with vision. Our goal is to create software that is visionary, both in the sense that the software embodies exceptional vision and foresight, and that it gives our customers the vision to clearly see and understand their data.

Research Systems' product line has expanded by delivering applications developed using IDL. In 1993, ENVI was released, enabling earth scientists to easily process and display remote sensing data. Research Systems' Visible Human CD was released in 1995, providing a whole new way to see human male anatomy.

Throughout the years Research Systems has grown steadily with continuous profitability. We have grown to over eighty employees, with the original development team maintaining an active role.

Research Systems supports customers throughout the world. Our capable and committed distributors are ready to provide experienced sales and technical support.
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