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Will Viasat Satellite internet work for my parked RV?

No, unfortunately the packages that Viasat offers are not suitable for a moving RV. The satellite dish you receive from Viasat is not designed to be in motion when in use. There is an option to get a mobile satellite dish with long-term service contracts, but this will cost thousands of dollars in equipment. When the professionals first set up your satellite dish, they placed it in a spot where it had a direct, unblocked view to the southern sky. It has to be faced in this direction or there won’t be communication between the two to bring you internet service. It is suggested that if you are going to travel with your RV then you should get a mobile hotspot device that will allow you to get internet wherever you need to go. The cellular internet option is generally faster and cheaper, but it can’t beat the coverage that satellite internet supplies. There are a couple things you want to look at before choosing a cellular internet provider, network compatibility, battery life and 5G support. If your cell phone provider doesn't offer a great hotspot device or service plan then you could use a different service. It will be a little more complicated when paying bills, but if it is worth it then go for it. The battery life on your hotspot when not plugged in can last between 15 and 20 hours. This should supply you all day if you leave the RV, but the issue might be if you have 5G. If this is the case it will only last you around 5 to 10 hours and 5G right now can be a little spotty. It will get better over time though and in the future there might be better options for RV’s.