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Wildblue Internet

WildBlue Satellite Internet Paved the Way for Today’s Viasat Internet Service
Before Viasat satellite internet or Exede satellite internet, there was WildBlue satellite internet. Viasat acquired WildBlue in 2009, and many WildBlue customers have since upgraded to an Exede or Viasat internet plan, but some are perfectly satisfied with their WildBlue satellite internet. WildBlue satellite internet was upgraded with SpeedBoost in 2012 allowing WildBlue internet customers to enjoy speeds two to six times faster than their old speeds at no additional charge.
Some early WildBlue internet customers became so devoted they still have grandfathered WildBlue internet plans, even though the company’s new plans are sold as Viasat Internet plans. WildBlue customers’ reasons for keeping a WildBlue satellite internet plan when faster Viasat internet plans are available vary, but the majority do it to maintain their email accounts. Others just love WildBlue customer service reps who understand the challenges rural internet customers face. And then there are those who are proud of their status as satellite internet trailblazers, early adopters of the space-age internet service that reaches even the most remote location.
How Does WildBlue Satellite Internet Work?
WildBlue-1 is a Ka-band spot beam satellite that provides the signals used by 400,000 WildBlue satellite internet customers across North America. Spot beams are created when satellite frequencies are split into small coverage areas to allow frequency and spectrum to be reused many times to increase total satellite capacity. A WildBlue-1 spot beam must reach your location for WildBlue satellite internet to be delivered to your home,
Since 2004, WildBlue satellite internet customers have enjoyed always-on broadband satellite internet connections, a dramatic improvement over slow and unreliable dial-up internet. When WildBlue-1 launched, rural internet customers gained access to low-cost wireless broadband satellite service with impressive download speeds of 1.5 Mbps, a fabulous speed boost for those who had struggled with dial-up internet or no internet at all. In short, WildBlue Internet opened a world of new options for those living in remote locations.
Viasat Continues to Support Legacy Exede and WildBlue Satellite Internet Services
Viasat internet plans do not come with email service options, but In December 2017, Viasat announced that the company would continue to support Exede and WildBlue email accounts. Email links were removed from Viasat account pages, but customers continue to be able to access their Exede and WildBlue email accounts by at or  bookmarked for your email or bookmarked for your Exede email account, those addresses work too and there is no reason to change.
Need Help with Your WildBlue Internet Service?
To get help with your WildBlue satellite internet service, visit the WildBlue Help Center. You will find helpful links with information and management tools for your WildBlue internet service. You can make online payments on your WildBlue account or get help with your WildBlue internet service. If you need to add your email or email to another email client, there’s a link for that, too.
Have a Question about WildBlue satellite internet?
Join the Viasat Community. WildBlue satellite internet customers are always welcome. Ask your question and see what Viasat forum moderators and satellite internet customers can tell you about WildBlue internet. Frequent users will often be your best source for information on satellite internet.
Want to Get Viasat Satellite Internet?
Call us today to get Viasat internet service with download speeds up to 100 Mbps and unlimited data. Bundle with DIRECTV for the best in satellite TV or bundle with Viasat Voice, a VoIP phone service that utilizes your Viasat internet to provide unlimited calling. Voice is not available with Exede or WildBlue internet packages.