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Why is my HughesNet so slow?

If your internet speed is running slow then the first thing you can check on is if it is storming outside. Bad weather and moisture affects the air between the dish mounted to your house and the satellite in space by interrupting the line of sight. The stronger the received signal the more immune it is to rain or snow. Bad weather affects weaker weaker systems more severely and if there are heavy winds it could cause physical damage. The next step you can take is to check your usage to see if you have exceeded your monthly data allowance. If this is the case then you will remain connected at reduced speeds until the next billing cycle. You also have the option of buying a high-speed data token to restore your service to full speed. If you do pass your data allowance then your speed will drop down to 3 Mbps for less and it will stay this way. Something else you can do is to check your hardware and make sure all the lights are on that need to be on. You can check on the cables and make sure they are connected and don’t have any animal bites in them. Resetting your router and modem is always an option as well, they should be supplied with instructions on how to do that, or you can find instructions online for your specific brand and model. Consider buying a new router as well, if it is more than three years old it would be best to buy another one with a stronger signal strength. If you live in a multi family member home it would be good to see if anyone is using the internet at the same time you are, this can really slow things down if you have a plan with a low data usage. You can find more reasons for the internet being slow online if none of these help with your issue, or you can call HughesNet customer support and see if they can help you with it.