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Viasat 3

Viasat-3 Service Begins in 2021
When the first of three Viasat-3 satellites is launched into space and goes online in 2021, Viasat satellite internet capacity should increase dramatically. The second and third satellites in the Viasat-3 constellation are expected to be in service by late 2022, allowing Viasat to deliver high-speed satellite internet around the world.

How Will Viasat-3 Change Satellite Internet Service?

With each of the Viasat-3 satellites offering 1 TB or more total network capacity, people living in remote parts of the world are looking forward to satellite internet with super-fast download speeds. The Viasat-3 trio of ultra-high capacity satellites will expand internet service in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In many areas, Viasat-3 satellite internet service will be the first internet service ever available to homes and businesses.
The benefits of Viasat-3 won’t be limited to locations on land. Viasat-3 will connect ships and aircraft crossing the world’s oceans to reach faraway seaports and airports. When the Viasat-3 constellation is fully activated, the high-speed satellite internet beams will connect thousands of commercial, business and government aircraft simultaneously. While passengers enjoy high-speed internet and streaming services, flight crews will have real-time navigation information available.
Leaders of the militaries of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand anticipate using the capacity of Viasat-3 for cloud-based applications and artificial intelligence.

What Will Viasat-3 Bring to the United States?

While residents of the United States have enjoyed Viasat satellite internet for years, the Viasat-3 satellite system is expected to help meet the demand for fast internet to power modern technology.
Viasat-3 rural internet for business will support enterprise applications with 1 Gbps download speeds comparable to those utilized by businesses with access to fiber optic networks. For many businesses in remote locations, the Viasat-3 launch will offer opportunities for utilizing cloud computing and networked data systems, while improving safety with state-of-the-art security systems.