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Viasat-3 Speeds

Viasat-3 Speeds Will Be Amazing!
Viasat-3 speeds will support business enterprise applications with 1 Gbps download speeds and dramatically increase the availability of residential satellite internet service with 100 Mbps download speeds.
When the first of the Viasat-3 satellites is activated in 2021, Viasat business internet customers in remote locations will have access to Viasat-3 internet speeds comparable to what businesses in metropolitan areas enjoy. Satellite internet experts predict the Viasat-3 speeds will be very similar to those delivered by fiber optic networks while access to super-high-speed internet will now reach almost every location in the United States.
Viasat-3 speeds for residential internet customers are anticipated to be comparable to those provided by Viasat-2 plans. While Viasat-2 internet service has proven to be very popular, limited bandwidth has limited its availability. Viasat-3 internet plans are expected to be available throughout the nation, meaning that almost every household or business that depends on rural internet will be able to enjoy Viasat-3 speeds.

Will Viasat-3 Speeds Up to 1 Gbps Be Available Beyond the United States?
The third Viasat-3 satellite is expected to be online by 2022. Once the three satellites comprising the Viasat-3 constellation are fully operational, Viasat-3 speeds for business internet plans with download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps will be available around the world. In areas where internet has traditionally been unavailable, Viasat-3 speeds will open up new economic opportunities in emerging economies. Businesses are expected to utilize Viasat-3 speeds to remotely control operations of physical plants, farm systems, warehouses and an array of unmanned operations.
With Viasat-3 speeds at their fingertips, remote villages the world over will be able to access new buying and selling opportunities. Homes and schools will have new access to high-speed internet through the Viasat-3 network with speeds sufficient to support video streaming while powering smart technology.
Viasat-3 speeds will also be available to the transportation industry, connecting moving aircraft, ships and trucks around the globe. Inflight connectivity and video streaming for commercial carriers, business jets and government aircraft, will be dramatically improved by Viasat-3 speeds, too.