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Viasat-3 Latency

Typically the average latency for satellite internet in perfect conditions is around 550 ms. This has been the case for the first two satellites Viasat put up in space, and this will be the case for Viasat-3 that will be put up in space on May 29, 2021. Latency is the time it takes for data to be transferred between its original source and its destination. Normally it is measured in milliseconds because it is so small. There is some latency in everything because it takes some time for data to transfer, it is based on distance not speed. Right now there isn’t a great way to decrease latency with satellite internet because your dish needs to stay close to your house and the satellite in space has to stay in a specific spot to be able to communicate. At this time the Viasat-3 satellite latency will be the same in other situations, but with technology getting better it is possible that in the short future that might change. Latency is not an issue in normal situations, the only time it is an annoyance is if you play first-player shooting games online or have to make any kind of split second decision. With latency, there may be a delay in the signal and if you are playing a game online that means life or death. In most other cases though it isn't a problem.