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Is Viasat better than Verizon?

Yes, in many cases Viasat is better than Verizon. There are several reasons to choose Viasat over Verizon, including availability, coverage and speed. While both options allow you to get online when you want, you’ll get more with Viasat in many areas.

Is Coverage Better with Viasat than Verizon?

Viasat provides internet service in 49 states, including rural locations. Verizon, like all wireless phone companies, may not have service in some remote areas. While Verizon now provides fiber optic internet, you can only get it if you live in a major city. Viasat is available in more areas and isn’t limited on location like fiber optic, DSL and cable internet.

Does Viasat Have Faster Speeds than Verizon?

Because Verizon uses fiber optics in large cities, it does offer fast service. However, in other areas, Viasat will be faster, especially if you need rural internet service. Viasat offers up to 100 Mbps in many areas, which is ideal for streaming and downloading. With no data cap in many areas, you can be online as much as you want and not worry about going over your allotted data for the month.

If you want reliable, high-speed internet service in more locations, Viasat is hard to beat. You can contact customer service to find out what plan is right for you and schedule installation with a Viasat technician.