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Is Viasat better than Sprint?

Yes, Viasat is better than Sprint. Viasat has more availability for customers, coverage across the United States and has a higher potential speed. Viasat offers 10 different plans to customers so they can choose the one that matches their data usage and family size perfectly. These plans range in price from $30 to $150 for unlimited data with hard caps. Sprint offers just three plans, Unlimited Basic, Plus and Premium at $60, $70 and $80 a month with different lines to choose from. It might seem like one of the Sprint plans works good for you and your family with the price and availability, but the coverage for Sprint has never given customers what they were hoping for or expecting. Large areas of the Midwest, Southwest, Mountain West and Northwest don’t have any coverage by Sprint. When comparing the 4 major 4G internet companies Sprint comes in last with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile ahead by a large margin. With Viasat being an Internet Satellite Provider the coverage that they offer is available all across the United States. Since all that is needed for setup is a satellite dish to mount on your house, it is available for most customers to use Viasat as their internet provider. With Viasat having unlimited data up to a hard cap, download speeds can have speeds up to 100Mbps while Sprint’s average is around 33Mbps. Although Sprint is still an option for customers to choose for their internet provider, Viasat is better in many more ways.