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Is Viasat Any Good?

Because Viasat internet is delivered via satellite, Viasat can offer reliable broadband internet service in locations that previously had few options other than really slow dial-up and legacy copper DSL from the phone company. In some rural areas, fixed wireless ISPs have bridged the digital divide, but the new generation of satellite internet surpasses the speeds and reliability that many WISPS can offer.
Since the launch of the Viasat-2 satellite in 2017, Viasat offers a satellite internet plan with download speeds up to 100 Mbps and unlimited data. Because of limited capacity, this top plan is not yet available throughout the United States. Where the 100 Mbps plan is not available, Viasat offers plans with maximum download speeds of 12 Mbps to 50 Mbps with multiple plans available at most addresses.
Viasat internet plans offer unlimited data; however, Viasat plans do have a data cap. Viasat data caps are much more generous that the competition’s, so most Viasat customers don’t find their data threshold to be a burden. Heavy users who reach their data threshold will see their internet traffic deprioritized during periods of network congestion—at other times, even heavy users can see normal internet speeds.

Is Viasat Any Good for Streaming Video?

Viasat offers great streaming video delivery. To help customers get the most out of their Viasat internet plan, Viasat optimizes video streaming according to each plan’s data threshold. Viasat plans with lower data caps stream at 360p, while plans with higher data allowances stream at 480p, 720p, even 1080p. Hulu and Netflix are optimized to work with download speeds as low as 1.5 Mbps, so Viasat internet speed is never an issue with video streaming services.
If you buy a Viasat internet plan, and decide you need more data for streaming video, you can upgrade your plan to a higher tier, provided a higher-level internet plan is available in your area. Good news—there’s no change fee for leveling up your Viasat internet service, so don’t be overly concerned about choosing the wrong plan when you order Viasat internet.

Is Viasat Any Good for Gaming?

Viasat satellite internet has higher latency or ping than most wired internet services. This isn’t noticeable with most applications, but it can be a real issue with multiplayer high-intensity video games. Most Facebook games and traditional turn-based games work great on Viasat internet.

Is Viasat Any Good for Social Media and Online Shopping?

Viasat internet service includes the use of the Viasat Browser, which is optimized to provide the fastest online experience while conserving plan data. The Viasat Browser offers ad blocking to protect your privacy and keep your computer safe from viruses and other online threats.
While the Viasat Browser is included with all Viasat internet plans, you may use any browser you like. Viasat satellite internet works with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari and still more.