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Is 25mb good for streaming?

Yes, 25 Mbps is a good speed to stream on most streaming services. Netflix recommends a 20 Mbps speed for streaming 4K, while amazon needs at least 15 Mbps for the highest quality video. Each streaming service requires a different limit for the data that is used. Families that have multiple members streaming Netflix at the same time will need 25 Mbps for each member. If you only have 25 Mb to work with then at this point in time you will only be able to stream one at a time. Networks are getting faster though and the average download speed in the US jumped 35% last year. In a few years 25 Mb might be enough to stream multiple devices, but now it is only enough to stream one device at a time. The current fastest home internet is 2,000 Mbps if that shows how quickly technology is changing things and where 25 Mbps is at. If you live in a one person household then 25 Mbps is good for streaming. If there are multiple members though you might want to change to a plan with more data.