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Is 25 Mbps good for gaming?

Yes, 25 Mbps is good for gaming.

As you probably know, Viasat offers several different internet plans with varying downloading speeds and data caps. It is important for customers to select the plan that best fits their internet needs. Depending on the person or family, some plans might be better than others. For example, big families or individuals who wish to use their data for streaming might want to opt for a Viasat plan that offers high data caps and fast downloading speeds. Similarly, those who wish to play video games need to consider selecting plans with the capabilities to support that hobby...but that’s where it gets tricky.

Yes, some types of online gaming are compatible with Viasat. Examples include solitaire, online chess, and Facebook arcade games. These games function similarly to any other web search or social media post—the exchange of information is largely one sided, meaning when you make a move, that information is sent to the Viasat satellite with no problem. Any of the Viasat internet plans support this kind of gaming.

Live online video gaming, however, is another story. If you play Black Ops or FIFA, your device not only sends information to the Viasat Satellite, but it also requires an instantanious input of information in return. For example, if you are playing FIFA and you pass the ball to a teammate, that information has to be sent immediately through the satellite and to the device of that teammate. Then, that person’s move must immediately be sent back through the system to your device. The nature of games like that is one that often does not allow for any latency. Therefore, 25 Mbps is not a reliable speed for playing live video games. In fact, 100 Mbps wouldn’t be perfect either. Unfortunately, until better technology comes out, video gamers who live in rural areas will be hard pressed to find an internet provider that offers a service with the capability to support video gaming.