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How Reliable Is Viasat?

Viasat satellite internet is truly reliable internet service, although short outages can occur during severe thunderstorms. A heavy snowstorm may also cause temporary satellite internet outages.
Viasat internet service should not be affected by light rain or snow, but internet users could experience issues if the satellite dish at their location is not properly aligned to the satellite. Viasat service technicians respond promptly if customers report outages on rainy days or snowy days to check for satellite alignment and any other issues that cause internet outages.
Cable cuts never interrupt Viasat satellite internet, but cuts can cause long-term outages for cable and fiber internet service providers. The downed lines and broken poles that often cause DSL internet outages are not a factor for Viasat internet, either. Viasat internet service is delivered via beams from a satellite orbiting the Earth and a small satellite dish and modem at the subscriber’s location, and complete service interruptions are rare.

How Reliable Is Viasat Internet Speed?

While all internet plans offer “speeds up to,” Viasat satellite internet consistently delivers high-speed internet service at or close to advertised speeds ranging from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Complaints about Viasat internet speed are more likely to be complaints about latency (a.k.a. ping) or lag time in response. This delay is an inherent part of satellite internet because of the distance the signal must travel, but it only causes issues with multiplayer online games and video chatting as a rule.
Viasat is a great rural internet service provider because signals from Viasat satellites can reach almost every address in America that has a clear view of the southern sky. Since the launch of the Viasat-2 satellite, the Viasat Platinum plan with 100 Mbps downloads and unlimited data has given many underserved areas internet speed and reliability far beyond what was previously available. Rural internet customers no longer must settle for dial-up or legacy copper DSL that seldom delivers the advertised speed.

How Reliable Is Viasat Service When My Internet Is Down?

When Viasat internet is down, it generally involves a satellite beam issue, a weather-related issue or a misaligned satellite dish. A malfunctioning internet modem could also be the problem.
If you find yourself without internet and Viasat is your ISP, first go to your Viasat mobile app and troubleshoot your service. You may be able to fix your problem with a remote reboot of your modem. If this doesn’t work, and you haven’t received a notification about service outages, give Viasat a call so that a technician can troubleshoot your problem, and schedule a service call, if needed.