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How much data do I need for satellite internet?

Viasat offers many types of plans that vary in downloading speeds and data allowances so customers can select the plan that best fits their needs. Options range from packages with data caps of 12 GB to 150 GB. Viasat’s data cap policy is different from other satellite internet providers because it allows customers to continue using the internet after they exceed their threshold. However, data used beyond that allowed in a customer’s plan is deprioritized, so connection speeds slow down. Therefore, customers should select an internet plan with a data cap that is appropriate for their internet needs. Below is a guide for understanding how much data you need for different activities

Browsing the Web: Browsing the internet requires approximately .180 GB each hour. This means you can spend eight hours a day browsing the internet for a month and use 44 GB. Keep in mind: some plans allow less than 44 GB each month. If you work from home and need daily access to the internet for extended periods of time, plans with higher data caps are the best choices.

Streaming Music: Customers can stream music for several hours each day without using an unreasonable portion of their data allowance. Each hour of streaming music requires .055 GB. This means that if a customer streams music every day for a month for four hours each day, he or she will use a total of 6.6 GB that month.

Streaming movies: Customers who love watching movies should select a plan with a high data cap. One movie in SD will use about 1.4 GB, and a movie in 4K will use about 16 GB. However; customers should remember that they can download a movie to watch later during free zones, a time in which data usage is unmetered Customers can expect to use less than .1 GB of data each hour for any activity besides streaming movies and browsing the web. Knowing how often you want to use the internet will tell you how many GB to look for when choosing a plan.