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How long will 1gb of data last on Youtube?

With 1 GB of data you could watch just over 5 hours of Youtube videos. That is about 70 music videos back to back. If you are the kind of person who watches youtube videos in high definition, then your 1 GB of data will go quicker because you will be getting better quality out of the videos. It is good to pay attention to the quality of the video if you are trying to watch Youtube longer. With 1 GB of data you could also browse around 3,000 web pages. Every web page is a different size so it depends on which ones to explore, but on average it would be around 3,000. You could also upload 4,000 photos whether you are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or have your own blog. You are able to send 10,000 emails with an entire gigabyte of data, that’s a lot of emails. Music downloads use the same amount of data that streaming does, so you could download 160 songs on Spotify and listen to about 10 hours of nonstop music. With 1 GB of data you have a couple options about how to use your data. 1 GB isn’t much if you need to save data for a week but there are a few activities you can do with it.