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How do I set up Viasat?

How Do I Set Up Viasat?
When you order Viasat satellite internet service, the Viasat representative will schedule a Viasat satellite technician to come to your home or business to install your satellite dish and get you connected to the internet. Viasat installation includes connecting a Viasat Wi-Fi modem to the satellite dish and connecting your computer and mobile devices to the router. If you order Viasat Voice, your installer may also help with connecting your phone to the Viasat Gateway.

How Do I Set Up Viasat to Expand My Home Network?
The Viasat Wi-Fi modem comes with four ports to allow you to connect computers, TVs and other devices with an ethernet cable. You can easily use one of these ports to add a second router to expand the reach of your Wi-Fi network.
If you haven’t bought your second Wi-Fi router yet, aim for the best quality you can find. A top-quality router will function more smoothly when multiple devices are connected. You also get a stronger Wi-Fi signal and enhanced security features.
Once you have your new router, turn off your modem, remove any secondary router connected to your Viasat modem and plug in your new router. Turn on the modem, then the router and configure your security settings following the directions provided with your new router.

Be sure to set up a password on your new router to keep uninvited guests from accessing your new home network and draining your Viasat priority data.
And remember, the more devices you add to your home network, the slower the internet will run. You may have multiple channels on your network, but everything is still coming through one internet connection.

How Do I Set Up Viasat Voice?

Viasat Voice requires little more than plug-and-play installation. Simply connect the telephone cord to the phone port on your Viasat modem. Then plug the phone’s power cord into an electrical outlet. 
Once you have your phone connected to the modem, visit and enter your account number and last name to complete the activation of your Viasat phone service.