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Does Viasat Support VPN?

You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Viasat internet, but you might not get optimal performance. To guard privacy, a VPN encrypts and decrypts all information passing through your network, and this perpetual stream of downloads and uploads increases latency or lag time. Viasat satellite internet, like all satellite internet, has higher latency than fiber internet, cable internet, DSL internet and fixed wireless internet.

To be fully functional, VPNs need a connection with high bandwidth and low latency. Satellite internet upload speeds tend to be much slower than download speeds. This imbalance between upload speeds and download speeds makes using VPN with Viasat internet a bit tricky. When a VPN functions with satellite internet, internet speeds tend to slow. As VPN and satellite internet technology evolve, Viasat users report increasing success with several VPN options.

If you plan to use a VPN with Viasat satellite internet, buy the Viasat plan with the fastest download speeds available at your location. Even then, you may not be fully satisfied with your VPN’s performance due to the distance satellite signals must travel—about 22,000 miles each way with a quick pass through a data hub!

Does Viasat Support VPN and the Viasat Video Data Extender?

Viasat plans include the Video Data Extender to allow you to get more out of your Viasat plan’s monthly data allowance. When using a VPN, not all video sources will be identified and optimized, so you could use data more quickly when you stream video with a VPN. Because a VPN slows your internet speed, you could also experience significantly more buffering when watching with a VPN.

Does Viasat Support VPN with Technical Support?

Viasat customer service representatives will answer questions about VPN, so it’s well worth the time to give them a call.

If you are looking at using VPN on Viasat satellite internet for work, and a specific VPN is required, you will want to check with your company’s IT department prior to ordering Viasat internet.

Here are a few details to check before using a VPN with Viasat: