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Does Viasat Require a Phone Line?

Viasat satellite internet never requires a phone line, not even for file uploads. All Viasat services, including VoIP phone, are delivered via satellite using a small satellite dish at the customer’s home or business. All you need to get Viasat internet is a clear view of the southern sky so that the satellite and satellite dish can connect.

Viasat internet is available at almost any address in the United States because it never requires telephone lines or cables. In the most remote locations, where phone lines are typically not available, Viasat satellite internet deliver broadband internet service. Since the launch of the Viasat-2 satellite, Viasat internet plans with download speeds up to 100 Mbps are available in select areas.

Does Viasat Require a Phone Line to Bundle TV and Phone?

Viasat does not require a phone line to bundle a DIRECTV plan or a VoIP phone system with Viasat satellite internet. Unlike Dish Network, which requires a phone line for pay-per-view services, all DIRECTV programming is delivered via satellite.

A Viasat Voice plan utilizes satellite internet to deliver VoIP phone service to Viasat customers who bundle internet and phone. Viasat Voice calls are carried on a separate data channel, and are not included in Viasat data usage figures. The separate data channel makes Viasat Voice wonderfully reliable because phone service is not affected by internet congestion. Better yet, if you put your Viasat internet service into vacation mode, your phone service will continue to work. Viasat Voice includes unlimited local and long-distance calling in all 50 states and Canada.

Viasat is a true rural internet provider, offering only services that can be delivered via satellite. All two-way communications, including downloads and uploads, are handled by satellites orbiting the Earth, regional data hubs and satellite dishes with internet modems. In the early days, satellite internet subscribers needed access to a phone line to upload files, but those days are long since gone. Viasat internet plans do not require a phone line.