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Does Viasat Offer Unlimited Internet?

Viasat satellite internet offers unlimited internet plans that offer a range of prices, download speeds and data usage thresholds. With Viasat satellite internet, you can buy what you need to accommodate your family’s devices and internet usage. If you find you need to adjust your satellite internet plan, you have options with Viasat.

Does Viasat Offer Unlimited Internet with Plan Data Allowances?

Each Viasat internet plan has a monthly data usage allowance. Once you reach this data threshold, you continue to have broadband internet access, but your internet traffic may be prioritized during times of network congestion. When your internet traffic is prioritized due to high data usage, your internet requests are fulfilled behind traffic from customers who have not reached their data cap. You should expect to see a drop in your internet speeds when you go beyond your data threshold, but during low traffic times, such as the early morning hours, you may not notice a difference. The good news about internet throttling due to data usage is that it is temporary. The meter resets at the beginning of your monthly data usage period.
Viasat unlimited internet plans have generous data allowances that range from 35 GB to 150 GB per month. Most Viasat satellite internet subscribers do not find their data allowance to be too restrictive.

Does Viasat Offer Unlimited Internet in Rural Locations?

Unlimited internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps is new for most rural internet customers, who can now stream video, work from a home office, take online classes, video chat and download and upload large files.
With all the new internet usage options, rural internet customers may need some time to pace themselves on their data usage. Viasat unlimited internet plans give them the latitude they need to find their rhythm with high-speed internet usage.

Viasat Offers Tools to Manage Internet Data Usage

Data Usage Meter

You can see your data usage meter by logging into your Viasat account. The Viasat app for your phone provides another option for tracking your data usage and making adjustments to stay under your data threshold.

Viasat Browser

Viasat satellite internet customers have access to the Viasat web browser. The Viasat browser is optimized to cut data usage during online activities to conserve your data allowance.

Video Streaming Management

Each Viasat unlimited internet plan has a video streaming quality setting to help you stay under your data threshold, even if you like to stream:

Plans with 35-40 GB thresholds offer small screen quality (360p).
Plans with 45-100 GB thresholds offer DVD (480p) or HD quality (720p) depending on your plan.
Plans with 150 GB thresholds offer full HD quality (1080p)

During times of network congestion, Viasat may reduce video quality to allow you to watch your video without long buffering periods or internet service interruptions.

Does Viasat Offer Unlimited Internet with VoIP Phone?

All Viasat internet plans offer the option of bundling VoIP phone service with internet. If you bundle internet and phone, your phone calls will not use any of your internet plan’s data allowance.

Does Viasat Offer Unlimited Internet with No Overage Fees?

YES. Viasat never charges overage fees. If you exceed your monthly data threshold, your internet traffic will be prioritized behind others, but you can use the internet for the rest of the month at no additional cost.