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Can I play online games with Viasat?

Yes, you can play online games with Viasat Satellite Internet.

There will always be a .5 to 1 second delay from the latency caused by the communication distance between the customer's house satellite dish and the satellite dish in space. Keep in mind that different games will have different latency delays. An online game with multiple players that may need good reaction time like a First-Person Shooter (FPS) might have a higher latency delay while an online turn-based game might have a much lower latency delay because it is slower paced. You are also able to download online games with Viasat. There are multiple plans to choose from which are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum with download speeds of 12, 25, 30, 50. 100 Mbps respectively. These download speeds are for downloading the games and their patches which do not have anything to do with the game play and if there is lag. Also be sure to check each plan's total data cap reprioritization limit (40 gigs to 200 gigs). Business plans may also be available.

If there are any issues with the latency or lag there are ways to reduce them.