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Can I Get Exede Internet?

Yes, you can get Exede internet almost anywhere in the United States because Exede internet is satellite internet offered by Viasat. All you need to get Exede internet is a clear view of the southern sky so that a Viasat satellite and a satellite dish placed at your home or business can communicate with each other.

Exede (now Viasat) satellite internet offers great high-speed internet plans that are perfect for rural homes. Since the launch of the ViaSat-2 satellite in 2017, a significant part of the nation has access to rural internet with download speeds up to 100 Mbps. Thanks to Exede, U.S. homes and businesses have access to broadband internet service, no matter how remote the location. The days of having to settle for dial-up are over—so are the days of making do with legacy copper DSL from the phone company that was so slow it could be a challenge to even check email.

Can I Get Exede Internet with Unlimited Data?

If you live in a location where cable, fiber, even modern DSL are unavailable, Exede internet may be your very best option for high-speed internet service. Give us a call to learn more about what satellite internet plans are available at your location. We can help you evaluate the needs of your business or home, and help you choose an unlimited data plan with the appropriate internet speed and data cap.

Can I Get Exede Internet Bundles with TV and Phone?

Call us to look at your options for bundling Exede internet with TV and Voice. We can help you find the best internet package for your remote home, and combine Exede internet with DIRECTV satellite television and Viasat Voice for big savings.

If you like, an Exede sales rep can also give you information on Exede internet installation procedures and tell you more about the handy app for managing your account and monitoring data usage.